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Tuesday, 14 March 2006
A Country In Need...
Topic: State Of The Union
Let me be honest with you, I only vote for Democrats because the alternative is well, stupid. Don't get me wrong though, some of the Dems possess just slightly more brain cells then the ding-a-lings of the goose stepping persuasion. Take this censure motion by Russ Feingold. At the present moment Russ is the closest thing to a Democrat that I can stomach right now but the idea that your going to get any type of censure motion passed in the barbarian controlled Senate is flippin nuts! Even when it has become readily apparent to anyone with eyeballs that Bush is a conservative-in-name only, the cons still love him. They will support him long after he mounts Condi on the podium during the state of the union and they'll still over shine that spot on their car where they put their ass-lickin Bush sticker.

But the problem isn't that Feingold is a do-do, the problem is the Democrats that condemn him. The Repubs win with guys like Bush because believe it or not in the ears of the American people they talk a better game than the Dems. The average American can't even spell "censure" no less have any idea what it is but that doesn't mean that the truth underlying the proposition can go unspoken without notice. The American people want to hear a firm position. Dems attacking Feingold is yet another clear failure that should have been a major victory. A strong liberal Dem stands up and the capitulators put their tail between their legs, wet their pants and bark at the smart dog. They did the same thing to Murtha.

I got news for those Dems that "expect" support from the American people, you're not going to get our votes by default. Just because the Repubs are destroying this country doesn't mean that the average Joe is going to give the Dems the same opportunity. We're not going to sit around and wait for you to grow a backbone. The Dems are only going to get so many chances to look like pussies before they're equated with cowardice. In the minds of many that threshold has already been surpassed.

Let's face the scary proposition that it is looking more and more like the Repubs are going to be the ones running this country for the foreseeable future DESPITE their massive failures. The reason is clear. Dems have not offered a concise and opposing voice to those presently bankrupting our country. The American people know it but they also believe that they have no where else to turn and at the moment, they may be right.

So what can we do? Besides getting involved and supporting Liberal candidates wherever they may be, my advice is to give the next Democratic politician walking down the street a swift kick in the ass to show him exactly what this country needs.

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Wednesday, 29 March 2006 - 7:53 PM EST

Name: Jillian

I have actually heard someone say before who voted for Bush that, 'he may be a dumbass but he's our dumbass'. That's what Americans seem to think. People are use to the Republicans and many fear change because they don't know what would come out of the Democrats taking over. I live in Canada and we have more than two parties to vote for, but it's not much better. The Liberals are great and all, but I admit they make some stupid decisions. But hey if we up in Canada can vote in a Canadian version of Bush, you Americans may still have a shot for voting in the complete opposite and try a Democrat. We can't all be Conservative and run by Bush or Bush-alikes, we have to balance eachother. Right now the whole continent is out of whack. It needs to be restored. We need some Liberals.

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